Fundraise for Gaya Dewata

Help us by organizing a Fundraising Activity!
You can support YGD in your own way!

Some Fundraising ideas

Birthday: Why don’t you ask your family and friends to make a donation to Gaya Dewata instead of having them to shop around for you?

Games: Everyone likes a night with friends and a fun game. Set up a night of Bingo, a raffle or even a night of Karaoke where the participants donate to a great cause!

Sport challenge: Raise funds for Gaya Dewata by committing yourself to a certain challenge (e.g. run the marathon of Ubud, cycle the island, go swimming every day) and invite your friends to be your sponsor.

Other challenge: You can also raise funds by challenging yourself to reach a specific goal and reward yourself and YGD through your friend’s donations: stop smoking, lose weight, challenge yourself to pass an examination, etc. The opportunities are endless and we like to hear them from you!

Thank You for Your Support!