Bali has a diverse and colourful LGBT scene. Below are some starting locations for exploring the diversity of the LGBT community in Bali. Bali is always changing and so places may close and new places may pop up. If you have any additions or corrections to this site, please contact us at

Bali is a famous tourist destination, with a lot of local and foreign tourists coming to enjoy the beautiful island. A large number of these tourists are LGBT and with them have come an explosion of businesses catering to the needs and desires of the LGBT community. Ranging from bars, restaurants, spas, hotels, villas to more casual hang out spots, parks and beaches. Like a lot of the tourist locations, a lot of these places are concentrated in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

Alongside the hectic tourist scene, are more traditional spaces utilised by locals and more discreet communities – these are open area spaces like a field, a river or a park.

BADUNG (Seminyak, Kuta, Legian & Tuban)

Nightblubs & Bars

It goes without saying that the centre of gay life in Bali centres around Jln Champlung Tanduk (also known as Jln Dhyana Pura) in Seminyak. On this street you’ll find, side by side, the 4 gay bars of Bali: Mixwell, Balijoe, Facebar and Bottoms Up. Open 7 days a week, all of them offer non-stop entertainment from about 10pm-3am, including drag and waria shows and sexy male go-go dancers. They attract a crowd most nights, but expect the bars to be spilling out to the street on Friday and Saturday night.

Keep an eye out for our Condoman in orange at the bars from the hours of 22:00 to 01:00.


Batubelig Beaches & Cantina Warung

Once a very famous gay meeting place before and after sunset, these beaches now attract a more mixed crowded. Although not the cruising grounds they once were, there is still a strong showing of the local gay community and tourists enjoying the sunset and the beachside warungs.

Nearby is a café called Cantina which is a popular hangout spot during the day for locals and tourists alike.

Doublesix beach (in front of Hotel Kumala Pantai)

A popular gay and transgender community hang spot, especially just before sunset. Enjoy the meatballs at the famous bakso Gerobak Biru. This is one of the most places to hang out. Every Sunday afternoon you can see our Condoman giving out condoms and speaking to the community

Kuta Beach (front Beachwalk)

The world famous Kuta Beach (from along the beach in front of Beachwalk up until the former Anggrek Hotel) becomes a modest gay meet up point after 21:00. Keep a look out for local gay guys under a tree standing alone or in groups. Popular until about midnight, keep your safety in mind and do not forget to bring ID. because people have been known to be questioned by police.


Denpasar is the capital city of Bali, and is home to a large majority of the population of Bali. Although bustling Indonesian city, with a large population of students and families, it is not a very popular tourist destination. A lot of the locations listed below tend to be frequented by locals.

Puputan Badung (Puputan Park)

A longstanding gay hang out spot, the park is usually crowded by the local gay community after about 10pm, especially on a Saturday night. Keep in mind that this is also a popular location for male sex workers, so try to make clear your expectations if you’re unfamiliar with the location. It’s also important to take care of your personal safety as there have been reports of crime in the area.

Lumintang (former Badung Central Government)

A meeting place by the gay community in the evenings (until around 10pm-11pm). Mostly the local community and you’ll meet a collection of gay men and male sex worker. There have been reports of police harassment if people are loitering too late. Once again, be careful about your safety and don’t take too many valuables with you.

Transgender Hotspots

Ubung: Jalan Bung Tomo, Jalan Kusuma Bangsa, Jalan Kargo Baru

Renon: Jalan Tantular opposite of Kejaksaan Tinggi, Jalan Jayaprana (Tantular Baru).



Port area of Buleleng

Gay, transgender and young men hang out in this busy public location. You can usually start to notice them after around 8pm.

Taman Klimpit

Popular area with the transgender community. Usually they stand in the areas around the police station.


Popular with the transgender community, especially those interested in tourists. The most popular spot is near the Dolphin monument.


Sungai near bypass Buruan

Small river under the bridge by-pass of Buruan, usually crowded at night. This a place for hang out for local gay guys but sometimes there are some visitor from other areas as well. Standard practice is to pretend to be swimming in the river while waiting for someone to catch your attention.

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